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Land valuations

Land Valuations are provided to landowners looking to rent their property. From here a monthly rent price is suggested.

Access to scenes

Unsure how to build in Decentraland? 

You're not alone. DPG can arrange scenes for you to purchase and deploy on your newly rented land.

Knowing the map

Our Agents are land owners themselves and have long-lasting experience in decentraland. They know the map, placing you in the optimal location for your plans.

Lowest Agent Fees 

DPG beats the market in rental fees. These are the lowest fees you can find for a Real Estate Agent in Decentraland.

Rent in 5 Easy Steps


Contact an agent. A LAND will be found to suit your needs

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You become operator of the LAND

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At the end of the rental term you are given the option to renew your term before the LAND is offered to someone else 

Choose a rental term

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Make the rental payment each month to the DPG wallet. DPG eliminates any risks. The payment is retained here for the month's duration and paid to the landlord


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