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Amazing 15 LAND Estate Touching Plaza!

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Have A Look For Yourself!


POA mana/month

69, -9



This 15 LAND Estate is one of our most prized properties! This land is connected to a Main Plaza, providing even more room and foot traffic! It is neighboring a district as well! It really doesn’t get much better than this for a big corporation entering Decentraland!

The price may seem expensive, but wait until you unlock the potential of this Blue Chip property. Make a statement with this rare acreage of LAND.

Don’t wait! These sorts of LANDs don’t last long

Contact one of the agents to enquire about this property.

Stand Out!

If you can dream it, you can build it! Whether you plan on advertising, building a business, or designing an experience. Ensure your plot grabs people's attention. Decentraland LAND development is an untapped market that should be made use of.


Make some passive income

Create your own business. When you rent LAND you have full control. Spending a small amount on rent rather than buying can save you thousands! Some of the most successful businesses have been the adoption of virtual casinos. Get Started now to discover and create the next big business.

New to the Metaverse?

Check out this informative video by Cheddar!

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